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Fundación Evangélica Misionera del Paraguay
FEMIPA’s what and why:
a)  We want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by using modern means of communication (radio, television, and ext.)And this way fulfilling the commission given to us in Mathew chapter 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15, parts of Scripture, the Bible, and this is our only pattern by which we determine our Faith and Practice.
b) We want to be of assistance and support to missionaries who have been commission by our churches (Plymouth Brethren) through fellowship and care in the following areas:
1. Socially, through missionary closets, maternity, health insurance, school supplies, and whenever an emergency presents itself.  Doctors and dental mobile offices.
2. Evangelism, discipleship and devotional material.  Courses for long distance studies, Bibles, New Testaments and libraries for their personal study time.
3. Periodic publications to distribute information  among our churches to promote common knowledge and prayer for our missionaries and their families, dividing them according to departmental area (state), their specific ministries, new ministries and specific needs;
4.  Being able to give assistance and orientation in legal issues, so that the churches in our assembly can know of laws and government requirements.
5. Special events to give support in evangelism campaigns, praise and worship events, camps done in conjunction, sports marathons, children’s programs and special preaching - teaching reunions.
6. Other help given through regular contact, special conferences, trips towards the interior of the country, ext.
c) We want to be active in spiritual, moral, social and economic aid according to our possibilities.
d) We would like the foundation to have a Cultural Library, especially equipped with theological and secular up to date material, and this way allowing its members to be better prepared on an academic level.  Included in this project a bookstore with materials needed, in itsown facility or somewhere else.
e) Be part of the formation of, when ever needed, a Bible Institute for all those who feel that the Lord has called them to be full time servants in some or other ministry, and therefor need to be better prepared to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ;
f) We will have events with a social benefit focus, in which case, mobile medical offices,orphanages, retirement homes; and rehab centers.  All this in an attempt to consolidate families, peace and honor - we want to be an added benefit to our society.
g) We dream of founding and sustaining elementary, middle and high schools, as well as universities - all of these with Christian foundations in order to evangelize  and be a place of teaching and capacitation in which all labor  and recreation that is done glorifies the Lord.
h) Acquire, build and maintain buildings and real estate properties that are necessary for evangelistic Christian work.
i) Publish and distribute books, magazines, tracks and all kinds of printed material that have a Christian evangelistic focus; we will be able to have conferences, meetings in church buildings, as well as open air campaigns in the streets, town square and in the houses of brethren in Christ.
j) Create, set up, and use diverse forms of modern communication such as radio stations, TV stations, among others. This would allow us to accomplish our goals and purposes.