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Fundación Evangélica Misionera del Paraguay

Our Vision

To serve those who serve

Our Mission

To give integral help to our brethren in Christ who have been called by the Lord to do His Work as missionaries here in Paraguay and abroad.

                * We can accomplish this by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the modern channels of communication available to us today.  This way we can fulfill the commission given to us in Mathew 28:18 - 20 and Mark 16:15.  These words written by the Apostles in the Scriptures - “The Bible”.

                * We work towards the spiritual wellbeing of our inhabitants by teaching them the Word of God, the Bible.   This way Paraguay will be lifted up more and more.
                * We want to give the local churches the information they need so they can know how God’s Work is moving forward:

    o This will make their particular expansion plan easier

    o It will also challenge them to become involved in our Great Commission.

                * We want to keep the brethren of our churches (Plymouth Brethren) informed of the missionary work being done here in Paraguay and also internationally.
                * Also, our goal is to be channel for the reception and distribution of offerings.
                * We want to build and support: Christian Schools, Bible Institutes, Camps, and Retirement Homes for Missionaries, among others.